Hi everyone! I'm Casey and I'm 22 years old. I'm originally from the United States but I currently live in London, England. I moved here in late 2014 and split most of my time between London and back home in New England (hence why I say wicked every other minute, sorry ahead of time). 

As a huge music fan and lover of pop culture, I love talking about my latest obsessions and celeb gossip. I definitely have some life-long obsessions (*cough cough* Justin Bieber) and new weekly obsessions that may come and go but I will talk your ear off about for the week. 

I practically live at concerts (aka I sit on the sidewalk for 8 hours, get beat up for 4, and then obsess about the band/artist for at least a month), I love binge watching all the new Netflix shows, and will be always by my television (or super sketchy live stream if I'm in the UK) watching all the Bachelor shows on Monday nights. See what else I'm into by checking out my blog!