It's Okay to go to Concerts by Yourself

People ask me all the time how I could go to a concert by myself. Honestly at this point, it doesn’t even phase me. Although I have some concert buddies, I go to a lot more shows than an average concert goer and I can’t expect my friends to be the same way. I’ll go to a concert even if I barely know the artist or band and I’m free. I love concerts so it really doesn’t take much. However most of my friends have other priorities, which I completely respect and understand. They don’t want to necessarily spend their money on a concert for someone their not interested in, and I can’t blame them.

I definitely have some friend groups that like certain types of music that I will often go to those concerts with, but there are quite a few artists and bands that have concerts I want to go to but for one reason or another I don’t have anyone to go with. Of course I could just not go or wait until the next tour or something, but just because I couldn’t find a person to go to the show with me, doesn’t mean I’m still not going to enjoy myself seeing a great artist live.

Different artists create different fan turnout, so of course my experiences may not be yours but I’ve found going by myself to certain concerts to be just as fun or even more fun than going with a friend or group of people because it makes me come out of my shell and talk to people around me. Especially if its a general admission concert that I want to get there early for, I’m not going to sit by myself in line for hours on end without talking to anyone.

I’ve made amazing friends at concerts, many of which I still keep in touch with and a few that I’ve made plans with to go to future concerts with! Even if you are with friends at a concert, I definitely recommend talking to the people around you, especially while you’re in line. You can talk to to your friends any time, but take advantage of talking to some new people. Its easy to make friends at concerts because you already have a huge common interest of coming to see that concert.

Going by yourself also means you get to choose what you want to do for everything. You can pick what time you want to leave, get to the venue, what to get to eat, etc. You also don’t have to keep track of others or worry about them at all.

Bottom line is you don't miss out on a show you want to go to just because you couldn't find someone to go with. Concerts are easily my favorite thing to go to and I would 100% regret not going to some of the best shows because I couldn’t convince one of my friends to come with me.

 A few things to consider—

Be aware of your surroundings. And by this I mean inside the venue, but also outside. What part of the town or the venue is in plays a big part of how safe you are to be out at night alone. Research the area and make sure you have a solid plan of how to get there and home safely. If you’re driving there, make sure you look up what the venue suggests for parking and make sure when you park, you know exactly how to get back to your car at night.

If you feel sick or any issues, you need to make sure you get food, water, and/or medical attention when you need it. Although people are usually willing to help others, you can't always depend on strangers. Try to eat and drink water either on your way there or right before you leave. If you are lining up early, make sure you pack some food and water to have with you so you don’t pass out at the concert.

I would recommend not drinking any alcohol or only having a drink or two. Nothing that would make you impaired, because even if you make friends at the show, you still need to get home by yourself.

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