The Bachelorette is Back!

The Bachelorette is Back!

I honestly don't know what I do Monday nights during the off-seasons that the Bachelor and Bachelorette aren't airing but good news is that I don't have to worry about that for a while because the season premiere of the Bachelorette was last night and man, it feels good to be back. 

This is my first time writing about the Bachelor franchise and I'll just start it off saying I have no idea how often I'll update about the show because there's already so many blogs and podcasts and whatnot that do that, but... I am wicked obsessed with this show and love talking about it so we'll see where it goes! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

SO the premiere started off with a recap of the awful unedited and cringeworthy part of Arie breaking up with Becca after their season ended to get back with Lauren. And my question to ABC is really, you don't think the eight minutes and two hour-long ATFR special a couple months ago wasn't enough we had to see Becca crying and looking through old pictures of the two of them.. really?

I understand we had to get the recap of how Becca became the Bachelorette and whatever but I really wish they didn't replay the same awkward breakup again.

Luckily it didn't last too too long until we finally got the season to start where I found the first thing that's definitely going to annoy me the entire season, which is Becca's catchphrase. "Let's do the damn thing" was fun at first but it soon turned into the kissing bandit thing and is already so overused. I'm just praying its only overused on the premiere but I have a feeling that is not going to be the case. 

I always love how the beginning of each Bachelor/Bachelorette season with the last few season leads coming back and giving some advice but damn did they did my girl Kaitlyn dirty. I understand the network loves JoJo and Rachel and basically shun Kaitlyn but if you're going to invite the girl at least give her more airtime and commentary that doesn't make her seem mute, like c'mon. 


Colton is one of the two ex-pro football players this season and was the first out of the limo and probably set the bar too high for the rest of the guys. At first I thought he was a total stereotypical football player-- named after the Colts, born on Super Bowl Sunday, and played for the Chargers... but he retired after an injury now he runs a non-profit to benefit Cystic Fibrosis to support his niece and has the CUTEST dog-- honestly is he the total package or what?!  He is easily already a fan favorite from the excessive tweets when Colton came out of the limo and honestly from what we've seen so far, I expect him at least in the final four. 


Jean Blanc (who's bio pic is super different from him on TV almost looks fake) speaks french and of course had Becca say "let's do the damn thing" in French (ugh, seriously guys). He is also obsessed with cologne and of course Becca said "he smelled so good" as he walked away and I'm so curious as to whether or not she was actually saying that about Jean Blanc or if it was a bit of tv magic hmm.

Connor was next and got down on one knee to ask Becca if she was ready to..wait for it... do the damn thing? REALLY? I'm so over this catchphrase and need it to be over immediately. He seemed nervous but I wouldn't be surprised if he made it pretty far. 

Kamil, who's job title is Social Media Participant, like what does that mean? Unemployed? Sells green tea on Insta? I honestly didn't think it would get worse than "twins" by Kamil takes the cake. He talked to Becca about giving 50/50 in a relationship but then got a bit cocky and said 60/40 and wanted Becca to come to him. Honestly Kamil idk what you learned on your social media, but on the Bachelorette you're tying to get her attention and her to pick you not have her come over to you instead of you going to her. NEXT.


Jordan seems to be the new (worser?) version of Robby that is way to into himself and fashion but has hilarious commentary that kinda makes you hate him more but also brings a ridiculous and new voice to the show. He's a model (of course) and won't let you forget it. It's obvious he's not going to win or make it to the final four but I hope he sticks around to so we can hear what he has to say about the fashion and opinions on the other men. Who are we kidding, he won't go home until getting dumped on a 2-on-1. 


Garrett rolled up in a mini van filled with a car seat, diaper bag, all the essentials. I was waiting for him to say he has a kid but I guess he's just super pumped to be a dad and drive a mini-van. I thought it was a bit weird but Becca seemed to be into it so I'm expecting him to go far.  

1600x640-Q90_48c4249219eeb9a0cdd7543432d28d83 (1).jpg

Blake seems to be a front-runner based on their conversation and Becca referring to them being on the same wavelength and just get each other without even knowing each other. They also both have said that they were able to give a lot of love to the wrong person and can't believe how much love they would be able to give to the right person to their friends. I definitely think he'll make it far and possibly the top four. 


David (aka the one in the chicken costume) definitely made an impression for me for the small amount of airtime he had with Becca. He is obviously funny and as Becca says he has such a great energy. He seemed a bit nervous but fun and playful enough to stay around if he can get comfortable and keep up the jokes. And no, I'm not talking about the chicken jokes "I'm a lucky bird and Becca's a cool chick" nope, just no. 


Chris, Chris, Chris. Okay first of all, please tell me anyone who's ever watched Friends immediatly thought he looks just like Chandler's crazy roommate?!

But back to the drama... if we can even call it that. A text message from a month-long relationship two years ago claiming she knows Chase isn't there for the right reasons. Honestly ABC, that was worth 20 minutes of our time for the episode? Usually dumb ex-girlfriend drama at least makes it to the second episode not the first night. I mean I get it and honestly he might not have been there for the right reasons being as the Bachelor has become a fast-track to becoming an ig model and a few hundred thousand followers. I have to admit anyone who's in marketing or social media, I'm already suspicious. 

I am also glad she sent home Jake, her friend from home that never showed any interest until she became the Bachelorette. Props to you, Becca.

Garret got the first impression rose (shocker) after Becca said he reminded him so much of home and thought he would fit in with her family so well. It's definitely obvious he will make it far after she was attracted to him when he first came out of the limo and definitely took a liking to his personality and things he likes to do while talking together before the rose ceremony. 

The first rose ceremony happened and my favorite line was Jordan saying "I can't go home. It would't be fair to Becca." LOL, good lord Jordan. From what we caught, Chase, Joe, and Kamil were sent home. And I think just about everyone's heart's died when we realized Joe was getting sent home on night one!


I was honestly super surprised that he didn't get a rose at least the first night because he had a great package at the beginning of the show and people seemed to already be rooting for him as one of their top choices. When he got out the limo, I think he kinda blew it and seemed a bit all over the place, but there's not a doubt in my mind we'll be seeing Joe in Paradise this summer after the outpouring of love when he got sent home after the first night. 


My top four based on the first night are:

Garrett, Colton, Blake, and Lincoln.


And after watching the preview for the season, it seems the big villains are:

Lincoln, Jordan, and Colton. 

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