New Years in Brooklyn with Post Malone

New Years in Brooklyn with Post Malone

A while ago, my friend Lindsay and I decided to go to Brooklyn for New Years Eve to go to Post Malone’s concert. Since we live outside of Boston, the drive to New York is a little over 4 hours. Because it's a bit of a long drive, we made a whole “weekend” of it. I say “weekend” because it was actually Sunday- Tuesday because of the way NYE fell on a Monday night this year.

We left around noon on Sunday and drove to Long Island. We stayed the night in Garden City and were exhausted from the drive, we ended up getting dinner next door and spent the rest of the night watching Impractical Jokers..typical.

On Monday (New Years Eve), we woke up pretty early and got a head start to the city. We drove around Long Island for a little bit because Lindsay had never been and then headed straight to Brooklyn. Now, I drive almost every day in Boston, but let me tell you--NYC roads and drivers are insane. I have no idea how those Ubers and taxi drivers do it everyday (and I wasn’t even driving in Manhattan!).

After getting to our hotel in Brooklyn, we dropped our bags and went to the Bushwick Collective. The Bushwick Collective is an area in Brooklyn known for its street art and murals. We had a bit of a photoshoot around the streets in Bushwick for a couple hours.


Although it was very warm for December (high 40s) it was very windy and we were freezing and jumped in an Uber to head over to Brooklyn Heights and walked along the Hudson River to the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, we took advantage of the beautiful Manhattan backdrop and took a bunch of pictures before being caught in the rain.


I’ve been to New York City a bunch of times, but I don’t normally spend much time in the boroughs and go straight to Manhattan. It was so nice to spend the day exploring a different part of the city for a change. Brooklyn Heights is a great spot to walk around and great for those portrait pictures. You can’t tell but it was pretty darn cold taking those pics. My hands were bright red because how cold I was and I had to take off my jacket so I had an outfit change for my IG (priorities). I definitely recommend checking out these spots...maybe just not in December. Although I can only imagine how filled with tourists these spots are in the summer. Maybe April or May is the best time to go.

While it was raining we continued down to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Although so different architecturally, both bridges are beautiful and again, make for great pictures (who would have guessed). After a quick Starbucks pit stop, we ended up in Dumbo, Brooklyn for some great shots in between the two bridges.


We decided to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge a little bit and then back to the hotel from there since we were already pretty soaked and didn’t want to waste money on an Uber to walk a mile and a half. The hotel had hot chocolate out in the lobby so we of course we warmed up with some hot cocoa in our wet ass clothes before heading up to get ready for the concert.


Originally we wanted to have dinner at an Irish pub near the arena, but after we got ready, the rain had picked up even more and neither of us wanted to go out and ruin our hair and makeup searching for a place without a reservation on NYE.We made a reservation at a restaurant inside the arena for 8pm as a backup but ended up going straight there.The food was delicious and we got to enjoy and take our time knowing we were in the building and only had to downstairs to get our seats when we wanted to.

The two openers at the concert was Tyla Yaweh and Lil’ Pump. We weren’t familiar with Tyla Yaweh but we did want to go see Lil’ Pump. Since the concert was on NYE and went into the new year, it started very late at 9:30pm with Tyla Yaweh and Lil’ Pump went on around 10pm. I actually didn’t end up seeing most of his set because I was waiting in the bathroom and drink lines (cries in Gucci) but what I did see it was pretty good (and does not look a thing like JB, sorry airport lady).

And I have to say I was surprised at how small Barclays Center felt. We did not have the best seats, and were actually pretty far back on the lower level but felt as if we were only a section or two to the side. The capacity of Barclays is pretty similar to that of TD Garden, so I’m not sure why it felt like half the size, but I am definitely not complaining!

Posty came on stage around 10:45pm and was amazing. He put on an amazing show with great production and had us dancing the whole time. Its crazy how many hits he has had in the past couple of years and he even played two of my favorite slower songs of his, Fall Apart and Stay.


Although I’ve seen Post Malone a couple of times, I’ve never been to a headliner of his before this concert. He does an amazing job of captivating the crowd for the entire duration of the concert. He is also one of the seemly most humble performers--especially for the height of success he has achieved. He thanked the crowd after every song and always addressed everyone as “ladies and gentlemen’ *swoon.*

He played his new song, Wow, that dropped last week and at around five minutes to midnight, Post Malone decided to do one more song while we waited for the countdown. He played his new song, Sunflower, featured on the movie Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. Unfortunately the song was cut-off due to the countdown on stage. At 15 seconds, everyone started chanting the numbers until we got to the new year! Balloons and confetti came down from above and everyone celebrated 2019.

A few moments later, Ryan Seacrest’s New Years Rockin’ Eve went live from Barclays Center with Post Malone playing the first song of 2019, Better Now.

I couldn’t have picked a better end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 than to singing and dancing at a Post Malone concert in New York City.

On New Year's Day we had to drive back home but decided to take advantage of the fact we were in New York and so close to Manhattan. After a long night out, we took our time getting ready and eating breakfast and headed to Manhattan a little after noon.

Since both of us don’t really know the subway system in NYC and haven’t heard the best things about the MTA, we decided to take the lazy route and take an Uber. We first stopped at Rockefeller Center and caught the last day of all the Christmas decorations, the big Christmas Tree up at 30 Rock and ice skating.


We then decided to take a quick walk to Times Square (cause why not?). We didn’t spend much time there because it was pretty chilly even though the temperature was supposedly 58 degrees. In New York it always seems to be much colder because the small streets and skyscrapers seem to make a wind tunnel effect at every block. We saw the new 2019 ball but we couldn’t walk around a bunch because the stands and stages were still being put away and blocked off a large portion of the center.

After that we walked up to Central Park and shoker, took pictures in the park. Lindsay has somehow never been to Central Park so we had to make the most of our time freezing in the park in January with the many tourists who come for NYE. We walked up to reach the Upper East Side, where we walked for a bit more before deciding to head back to Brooklyn and pick up the car to head back home for the night.

2019-01-01 14:05:07.618.JPG

Overall it wasn’t a super hectic filled trip, but it definitely had its moments. The main reason we went was to see Post Malone, and that was amazing. Such a great show. The rest was just the icing on the cake. The ride home was not as fun. I don’t recommend driving 4+ hours at night after barely sleeping the night before and walking around the city all day for the past couple days.

Now I’m just planning my next trip to New York. Any suggestions of what to do or see next time?

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